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Joumarie Montes Colon, also known as “Mami” and “Superwoman”

Although I’ve lived with her for twenty-two years, I never really asked about her story. I knew she had struggled and greatly, I also knew she had overcome many …

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Daniela Hernandez, human behind @womenunwined

Daniela and I met during a Feminist Summit in Florida International University. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember the beautiful …

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Grisell Denise, founder of @Womenrunwynwood305

I met Grisell Denise during one of @womenunwined’s event. Daniela Hernandez, Human behind @womenunwined invited Rebels With A Cause to meet the group of Miami professionals…

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Lee Sanchez, rebel behind VNTRS

Lee and I went to the same middle and high school, but it wasn’t after we both had graduated and began creating independently that we connected. I challenged Lee to share his story after…

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