Grisell Denise, womenrunwynwood305.

Grisell Denise, womenrunwynwood305.

I met Grisell Denise during one of @womenunwined’s event. Daniela Hernandez, Human behind @womenunwined invited Rebels With A Cause to meet the group of Miami professionals she unwines with. We gathered and connected about life while enjoying a glass of wine. I remember exchanging words with Grisell and feeling inspired to keep empowering other women. After learning about her and what she had created to unite women, I knew I needed to share her story with the rest of the world to keep inspiring, empowering, and nurturing hidden potentials and talents. This is what was shared:

I have never really thought about it. I know everyone has a story but what is my story? So what do we do when we have no idea what to do? Or in this case what to write? WE GO TO MOM!! Yes at 26 years of age I admit, I still go to mom.


Grisell your story, your story is a beautiful. I’ll tell you your story, and this is exactly what you are going to write about.

When you were in third grade you started saving your pennies, your cents, your quarters, your dollars. One day when you gathered enough money, you went to church and donated it ALL. DON’T YOU SEE IT?! Who gives it ALL at age of 9? — Mom

So, I decided to tap into this and it’s true. I have never seen it as anything else other than giving. Since I was little I have always found it in me to give, give, and give. When I was in 9th grade my twin sister and I were coordinators of missionary groups where we would give 3 missionary retreats throughout the year, each which lasted for three days. We would receive from 30 –100 teenagers, and my twin sister and I would be the ones leading these retreats. We then would go on missionary trips every summer to work on communities with the less fortunate, and every - single - trip would be LIFE CHANGING! This part of giving back to the community has always been very close to my heart.

When I finished high school, I moved from Puerto Rico to Miami to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. Once I finished my undergrad, I moved to Paris to pursue my master’s degree in international business. What truly kept me sane throughout this whole journey was focusing on exercise. I dedicated myself to CrossFit day in and day out. It truly worked as an outlet for me. I would go to the gym and the feeling of disconnecting for a few hours to reconnect with myself felt empowering.

After I finished my Masters in Paris, I ended up in Boston reuniting with my parents. I left Boston and moved to Puerto Rico, and again my journey led me back to Miami.

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Life has a funny way of working out. It will always place you exactly where you need to be. Stay open to your options, stay open to new opportunities, even when you have no idea what will happen. The universe will forever conspire in your favor. -- Grisell

Who would have ever thought that from giving all my money at age 9, to doing missionary retreats, to studying Fashion Merchandising and later International Business, I would end up in the Fitness Industry? Everything has been leading me up to this!

ONE decision can shape your whole life. Some people enter your life, unexpectedly, and lead you straight to your purpose One closed door opens another. It’s called blessings in disguise. When these blessings in disguise come knocking on your door, make sure your paying attention and open that door! By me opening that door it led me straight to the opportunity of being a fitness instructor for Triple Threat Fitness, and from there Women RUN Wynwood was born.

So that’s my story... Now the Women RUN Wynwood story…

I had been coaching for Triple Threat FIT for some time, and I felt in my heart that I wanted to create a fitness community for my women in the Miami area. It really does sound cliché but one morning I went for a run and I just started thinking about everything. Things I go through as a woman, the ups, the downs, the ‘you’re not good enough’, the ‘you’re not strong enough’, the ‘you’re not beautiful enough.’ It just really hit me. If I felt that way, there must be so many women that feel the same way. Most of us have these thoughts, but I decided to do something about it in a big way. I have always felt empowered through exercise, so now I wanted to empower other women through what empowered me.

I suggested the idea of starting a run club to the owner of Triple Threat FIT, Michael Guilbaud. We sat down to discuss details and we both agreed that we had to create something more purposeful than just a women’s only run club. After brainstorming on some of the top concerns for women, I decided that the overall purpose for the run club would be none other than one of the biggest female concerns of us all: empowerment.

And thus, Women RUN Wynwood was born.


Women RUN Wynwood powered by Triple Threat Fit was created in December of 2017. Women from all ages and all backgrounds, come together to run a 5k run and empower each other through a venue that provides guest speakers, live music, and vendors, the first Sunday of every month.

I have learned many things within my fitness journey, within empowering, and most importantly within leading women. Are you ready to take notes? Because here I go…

Life wasn’t made to be lived by yourself but in community. In hard times, it is key to surround yourself with people. Most importantly women who empower you. Women like minded, women who want the same things, women who are hungry for more. Difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. I just want to let my ladies know that first off, society distorts the image of what women should look like, should feel like, should act like. I want to rip that label off and make women understand that they ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. They are all capable of reaching their dreams, and capable of accomplishing anything they set their mind to.

For me there’s so much more behind WRW, there’s so much more about empowering women. I just want to make a difference in women’s life, I want them to know that everything will be okay. I want to make clear that if you are going through a season, or through difficult times, there’s a reason for it, and you are not alone. The universe is shaping you and molding you for something great. Diamonds are only made under pressure, and beautiful lady you might not see it now, but YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A DIAMOND and Women RUN Wynwood is here every step of the way. Amazing things happen when women come together.

Women RUN Wynwood is more than a RUN club, it is a MOVEMENT!



Women Run Wynwood powered by Triple Threat Fit