Daniela Hernandez, womenunwined.

Daniela Hernandez, womenunwined.

Daniela and I met during a Feminist Summit in Florida International University. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember the beautiful dress she was wearing and how confident she looked as she entered the room. That same day I wrote a post on my Instagram account that said..

“Thank you all for taking your time to come speak to us and hear us out. It's been an honor!!! I really hope to work with some of you guys in the future...”

I can’t remember who contacted who but who would have thought that months later, we would be meeting at Passion Del Cielo in Midtown to connect about life and our organizations. At the time, RWAC had just been introduced, but Daniela saw potential in me and my cause. She showed love and support while many did not and for that I will forever be grateful to even had the priviledge of meeting, connecting and working with her. For that reason, I knew I needed to tell the world about her. This is what was shared:

Daniela is an amazing woman (which I agree 100%) who has always focused her career on branding, appreciating all its unique design details and understanding its potential on and off screen. A travel and people lover, who enjoys mixing traditional and digital media to make powerful user connections.

Daniela worked in-house at a leading daily deal and wholesale e-commerce, as designer and art director. Where she designed numerous private label brands (for various industries) along with full digital campaigns. She has received numerous awards from organizations such as Start-Up Weekend, The One Club for Creativity formally known as ADC and Adobe.

Daniela recently created @WomenUnwined, a sisterhood for Miami professionals to gather and connect about life. Daniela enjoys helping businesses and organizations, grow, retain, connect and find purpose. Closing the gap between design and technology, one day at a time.

About WomenUnwined:

Women Unwined was born out the struggle of being a digital designer and strategist in Miami (a Latina who knows it all - no one wanted to believe) and the love of wine of course. I found myself being the connector as my friends call me, always sending reference of what, who and where. So, I decided to create a group where all my friends and new friends can connect to share professional advice, and most importantly life advice, the kind you get from your tia or abuela. As women we have huge role in our society, we are the base of family and family is the base of everything. Soo, since a lot of abuelas and tias are still back home I figure we could get together and share.

Our group is very genuine and humble and it’s not for everyone but the one who have joined us since our start in summer of 2017, I have seen us with my own eye grow just by being there and saying, “you got this girl!”. I believe in our females, in our power and will try my best to share and connect the right people as long as I can.


Women UnWined aims to connect professional (working) women. Started by Daniela Hernandez, and friends. The monthly gathering, is limited to a small group of professional ladies. We wine and unwind about life or as we call it “unWined”.

Together we are stronger!! — Daniela Hernandez

WUW July After Hours.

WUW July After Hours.

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