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We love storytelling but there’s no story without getting proximate!

We got inspired to emerge the concept of The Proximity Project with RWAC by one of the best Florida International University Professor, Maria Lovett. When Mrs. Lovett introduced the project I knew it was something I wanted us to be part of, and not just for that one fall semester.


The Proximity Project

We aim to involve individuals in the community, connect them to other organizations, social clubs, and empowering folks with an inspiring story. We understand that not allowing ourselves to get proximate, is robbing ourselves the opportunity to nurture our hidden potentials and talents. The Proximity Project opens our eyes to real issues occurring near us that we may not be aware of. It opens our minds, our hearts to love equally and unconditionally others, to hear them out, accept them, and stand with them in times of adversity. Together we aim to inspire, empower, nurture hidden potentials — One story at a time.

Do you enjoy getting involved in the community? Do you wish to be more active? Get proximate and start storytelling along with hundreds of more rebels in our community? Contact us today!

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